Gum Tips - December 2019

Koalas Devastated by Fires

Fires south of Port Macquarie have recently devastated bushland which has a high number of breeding koalas in the area; one of the most genetically diverse groups in Australia and is of enormous national significance.

Adopt a Wild Koala

What could be better as a last minute gift for your family or friends than an adoption of a new favourite – Lion Leo?  He has amazing, beautiful blue eyes.

Visit a Koala

Enjoy a guided tour at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Our experienced guides will explain how koalas are brought into our care, issues they encounter, as well as provide important information in the conservation of our koala populations.

The first koala to be treated

The first koala to be treated following the devastating bush fires at Lake Innes, south of Port Macquarie arrived at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital on Saturday.

Hello Koalas

Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail is here to stay!

The Trail will continue as a longterm attraction for NSW, supported by the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Latest News

Bushfires Devastate Vital Koala Habitat
Impact on wildlife, koalas in particular, has been catastrophic
Concern about ongoing fire impact on koalas
Koala experts are concerned the extreme fire conditions could impact koala populations west of Wauchope and at Dunbogan.
Koala Hospital names two fire-affected koalas after Anwen and Elsie Pullen
An act of kindness has been reciprocated amid the efforts to care for koalas injured in a bushfire
Bush Fire Rescues
We are hopeful for the koalas we've rescued to date - a boy and girl on Saturday, another boy and girl Sunday and a mum and joey today.
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25,000 FREE Koala Food Trees
25,000 FREE Koala Food Trees Register your interest now for FREE Koala food trees
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Exciting Plantation News
Exciting news! The Maria River Plantation is nearing its first harvesting in mid September.
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