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Correction - Koala Rehabilitation Manual

Correction – Koala Rehabilitation Manual.
Page 78 on the sixth line it should read ” 0.05ml/kg daily NOT 0.5ml/kg daily”.  We apologise for this error and hope it has not caused any problems.
Cheyne Flanagan
Clinical Director

Koala Hospital DVD

Koala Hospital is a one hour TV documentary that presents the poignant and surprising life of koalas in NTSC or PAL
One of the best docos you will ever see.
Over 2000 purchased so far

Hello Koalas

Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail is here to stay!

The Trail will continue as a longterm attraction for NSW, supported by many business, government and community organisations, including the acclaimed Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

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The purchase of a significant parcel of land 94 Hectares 232 Acres on the North Shore of Port Macquarie will enhance the supply of eucalyptus leaf for hospitalised and koalas in care.
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Koala Alliance will work to secure animal’s future
AN alliance devoted to the survival of Australia's remaining koala populations will be launched on Monday
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Animal justice campaigner Mark Pearson impressed by Koala Hospital’s work
ANIMAL Justice Party MLC Mark Pearson has praised the work of the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.
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Westhaven Barry was much loved
Westhaven Barry the much loved little male koala who came to us in 2008 was gently sent to the "Great Gumtree in the Sky" on 2/7/15.
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Newspaper Report Correction
Koalas often suffer severe burns injuries to their hands and feet. Often these injuries are so severe, that once they have healed, they are unable to climb tree and are not releasable back into the wild
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Visitor from Chen Chen near Shanghai
He told us he had flown to Taiwan, and cycled there, and then to NZ, and cycled Christchurch to Auckland. Then flew to the Gold Coast, and was on his way via Sydney, to Melbourne!
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