Gum Tips June 2018

Our Koalas on TV

Dr Harry’s Koala Hospital segment on Better Homes & Garden aired Friday 18th May 2018 on Channel 7 & Prime

Adopt a Wild Koala

What could be better as a last minute gift for your family or friends than an adoption of our favourite koala Mum – Oxley Kaylee or her beautiful daughter – Oxley Twinkles?

Visit a Koala

Enjoy a guided tour where a Volunteer Tour Guide introduces you to our permanent care Koalas and provides interesting information.

Koala Rescue

Koala Hospital 6584 1522
24 hour rescue and advice line

FAWNA NSW Inc 6581 4141
24 hour rescue and advice line

The Koala Hospital’s number is for koalas only

FAWNA’s number is for all other wildlife such as birds, mammals (kangaroos, possums etc), reptiles and monotremes (echidnas etc).  This number is not for exotic species such as deer.

Please note: WIRES NSW does not operate on the mid north coast of NSW.

Hello Koalas

Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail is here to stay!

The Trail will continue as a longterm attraction for NSW, supported by the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Latest News

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital update
As well as rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wild koalas, scientific research is an important component of the Koala Hospital. We are collaborators on, and collect samples for, numerous research projects for University Sydney, Federation University, Murdoch University, University of Sunshine Coast and the Centre for Wildlife Genomics at the Australian Museum.
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The 60hp tractor was certainly the correct buy. I have slashed over 20 hours with some heavy work involved. Thanks to everybody supporting the decision to purchase this size tractor.
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Work Experience!!
In mid March the Koala Hospital hosted two prison officers from the Wildlife Care Centre at the Outer Metropolitan Multi Purpose Correctional Centre, Sydney for a seven day "work experience" program
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Plantation & Conservation Site
The Maria River Project continues to progress apace. With 2 rows of Eucalyptus robusta (swamp-mahogany) and one each of Eucalyptus tereticornis (forest red gum) and Eucalyptus nicholli (narrow-leaved black peppermint).
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GumTips in French
My name is Denis and I live in Nice, South of France and I am, like many people across the globe, a true koala-lover. Couple of weeks ago, I discovered your website by chance and I must confess that I was really moved by my reading of your newsletters.
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The purchase of a significant parcel of land 94 Hectares 232 Acres on the North Shore of Port Macquarie will enhance the supply of eucalyptus leaf for hospitalised and koalas in care.
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