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Hospital staff full of praise

A KOALA hero hadn’t exactly planned on getting his leg broken when he stopped to offer assistance to a young marsupial. 
The accident occurred at around 6.20pm on July 1 when there were few other vehicles on Lake Road.
As reported in Port News last Wednesday, Jonathan “Jonno” Hadley was riding his Ninja ZX-6R motorbike on Lake Road, about 60 metres past Barton Crescent, when he saw the koala about to cross into his lane
A short time after he stopped to make sure the koala crossed safely a Toyota Kluger hit the rear of his bike, pushing it into him, resulting in a compound fracture about 10 cm above his ankle.
After seeing the Port News story last Wednesday the Koala Hospital contacted us for Mr Hadley’s details so they could present him with a certificate of appreciation.
The Koala Hospital’s Helen Meers said the organisation wanted to thank Jonno for “keeping a Port Macquarie icon safe”.
“We wanted to wish him well with his recovery and would like to name the next koala that comes into the hospital after him,” Ms Meers said.
Mr Hadley, who is a Caltex customer service casual, will be off his feet for about six weeks.
He said he received “heaps of phone calls” after he was in the paper and lots of congratulatory messages on Facebook.
Police have interviewed him at home and told him he will not be receiving any fine.
He is currently in conversation with the driver of the car in regard to insurance compensation.
The 21-year-old said he had never been involved in any sort of incident like this before and it made his day when he got the call from the Koala Hospital.
“It was excellent [to receive the certificate],” he said.
“It will be great to have a koala named after me.”
The hospital will send him a photo of the koala first and invite him to meet the koala when he is able to.
story by Port Macquarie News