Oxley Twinkles's Story

In late 2009 a big healthy female koala was observed struggling to get across a busy highway on the outskirts of Port Macquarie, with not only an injured hind leg, but also because she had a big ball of fluff clinging onto her back.  Staff brought both mother and joey into the hospital to find that the mother was well known to us in having been hit by a car two years previously at the same spot and after recovering from her injuries was released. 

The mother’s name is Oxley Kaylee (also available for adoption here); her joey with the big fluffy ears we christened Oxley Twinkles as she was such a bright alert lively little koala – just like a twinkling star.  Examination revealed that Oxley Kaylee had a severely dislocated leg which was not repairable and probably occurred as a result of jumping to the ground with a big joey on board.  As Twinkles was doing so well with her mother, we decided to bandage Kaylee’s leg to give her good support so that Twinkles could remain with her till weaning time which wasn’t all that far away. 


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