Kooloonbung Tasha's Story

In late December 2018 members of the public noticed a small joey curled up next to a tree in a reserve in Port Macquarie. The joey had blood around the neck area, so the Koala Hospital was called to come and pick up “a joey attacked by a dog”. 

Once the koala was admitted, Kooloonbung Tasha was found to be infested with ticks, and not attacked by a dog. She was anaemic, and otherwise listless and generally unwell. After initial treatment at the Koala Hospital, Tasha was placed in home care where she got 24 hour treatment and care.

Tasha spent the first week sitting in a washing basket where she slept a lot and began to recover. She responded well to the medical treatment, daily fresh leaves and the three formula feeds each day which were mixed with pumpkin, sweet corn and apple. After that week she was strong enough again to climb around on small branches.

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