Kooloonbung Close Trevor

Kooloonbung Close Trevor's Story

In January 2019, this koala joey was found curled up low in a small tree in Kooloonbung Close, Port Macquarie. He was very weak, and had blood on his fur. When examined at the Koala Hospital, we found that he was infested with many fully-engorged ticks.  Too many of these parasites can cause a small koala to become anaemic, and this is what had happened with Trevor.

The ticks were carefully removed, and after being cleaned up, Trevor was found to have no other obvious injuries. He was placed in home care for 24 hour per day supervision.  He was placed in a basket at the homecarer’s house and showed no signs of wanting to climb out – he just wanted to sleep.  After a few days of treatment for his anaemia, and with regular supplementary feeds of formula, the little koala started to become more alert.




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