Koala Hospital Documentary

Product Code: DVD001.

THE KOALA HOSPITAL presents the poignant and surprising life of koalas.
 Since 1973, the Koala Hospital and its community of volunteers have been caring for sick and injured wild koalas, giving them a second chance at life. 

Australian filmmaker Susan Kelly documented wild behaviour and life at the hospital over 3 years, capturing unprecedented footage of koala communication, dramatic rescues, heartfelt emotion and amusing koala antics.

Jimmy is the heart of the story. His tiny injured body is taken to the hospital’s emergency room, after he’s knocked unconscious by a car. His mother is killed in the accident and Jimmy becomes an orphan. We marvel at his new life there, being raised by loving human carers, on a unique journey back to the wild. They nurture this colorful character until he’s able to look after himself and through Jimmy’s life, we come to understand the many obstacles koalas face. 

Koalas are now confronted by a maze of roads and human mayhem and with fewer places to live, they’re becoming urban refugees. 

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