Hockey Luna's Story

A member of the public called our 24 hour hotline about a female joey, low in a tree with blood on the head and neck. The Koala Hospital rescue team quickly responded to pick her up. Initially it looked as though she had been attacked by a predator, so she was admitted to the Koala Hospital, and named Hockey Luna. 

On inspection we found a number of ticks on Luna’s head. This amount of ticks was of concern because she was now anaemic. Luna also had ocular chlamydia. She was too young to be alone, therefore needed to be transferred to home care where she would receive constant treatment and care.

Luna was well enough to climb so she was placed straight into a large enclosure, where she settled in quickly, with fresh leaf every day.  She received daily eye treatment and a course of injections for the anaemia, and was soon on the road to recovery.






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