Clarence Neville's Story

In early winter 2014 a young male koala was observed sitting on a brick wall about 200 metres from the main street of the CBD of Port Macquarie. Staff from the hospital were called as the bright lights, cafes, restaurants and bars aren’t exactly the ideal home range for a koala to live in.

 The koala was named Clarence Neville and after an examination at the hospital, he was declared fit and healthy and was released about 500 metres “up the hill” into an area behind the Court House that had quite a number of good koala food trees.

All was well until just after dark on a Sunday night in late September 2014, a young koala was observed running up Clarence Street (just off the main street) heading towards “The Glasshouse Theatre” Port Macquarie’s entertainment complex. People got out of their cars, stopped the rest of the traffic, the police arrived and blocked the road and some very kind locals guided the koala out of harm’s way.

 Of course it turned out to be Clarence Neville again! The Koala Hospital was called again to come and retrieve this quite frightened young koala.

 Little did Clarence Neville know that a number of mobile phones were filming his every move! Social media has hit the world of the wild koala – within minutes Clarence Neville’s exploits were up on Facebook and it went viral.

After the excitement of the night, he was released again the following day to a safe area away from the traffic and bright lights.

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