Byabarra Jones's Story

In late 2017 concerned farmers from an area called Byabarra some 50 kilometres west of Port Macquarie found a small male koala wandering around their garden.  They noticed he had “very odd eyes” and emailed us photos.  Of course we knew that this required treatment and our rescue team went out to get him.

On examination he was found to be a young male and had suffered some sort of traumatic injury to both his eyes.  The left eye had healed but was quite small and has minimal vision.  The right eye had quite severe glaucoma and was very large.  “Jonesy” underwent surgery to have the right eye removed to relieve pressure and pain.  Consequently he does not have enough vision to allow him to survive in the wild.

As “Jonesy” is such a gentle little koala we felt he would cope with life in captivity.  He will also be an excellent teaching koala to show veterinarians, carers and researchers some of the other problems that koalas can have.

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