Breeza Grant's Story

This very colourful character was brought to us in 2017 as a transfer from another wildlife group.

Breeza Grant has a very unique and unusual story in that he was actually hit by a freight train between Tamworth and Breeza on the northern tablelands of NSW as he wandered across the tracks.  Amazingly Breeza Grant survived the impact.

The distressed train driver contacted the appropriate people and Breeza Grant was taken into care.  He was found to have a fractured zygomatic arch (bone on the left side of the skull), his left ear was ripped and he was also suffering from conjunctivitis.  He also had an old healed leg fracture.  It is likely his nine lives were up!!!

As the healing process progressed Breeza Grant was observed walking in wide circles, he had developed a facial droop (paralysis on one side) and he was unable to hold his head fully upright. 

Examination confirmed that Breeza Grant had suffered a minor brain injury and an imbalance in his gait – which is not surprising given the original trauma.

Consequently Breeza Grant was deemed non releasable and being a quiet amenable koala it was felt a long permanent life at the Koala Hospital was the best plan.




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