Bonny Hills Dianne's Story

In May 2010 a home owner noticed a tiny frail koala joey wobbling around on the ground in her garden and immediately contacted the Koala Hospital for help.  An intense check of the area could not locate a mother koala anywhere.  As Bonny Hills Dianne was in such poor condition, staff felt that the mother may have either abandoned the joey many days before or had met with an unpleasant fate herself leaving the tiny joey to fend for herself. A thorough examination of the joey found that she may have suffered some sort of trauma as she was very tender and bruised around her abdominal area. 

Nonetheless the little joey responded to the immediate care at the hospital ravenously eating all the leaf tips that were offered to her but was not overly keen to accept the milk formula at first (nothing like mother’s milk!).  Bonny Hills Dianne is one of the lucky koalas released into Dooragan National Park. 

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