Barrington Xavier's Story

In September 2013 a koala suffering from a horrible eye disease was observed sitting on the ground in the driveway of a home in the tiny town of Barrington just out of Gloucester NSW which is about two hours south west of Port Macquarie. The koala was picked up by a local wildlife carer and through a series of events he ended up in a veterinary surgery in Newcastle and twenty four hours later he arrived at the Koala Hospital. Bit of a journey for the lad!!
On examination Barrington Xavier was found to have a very advanced case of chlamydial infection of the eyes. His infection was so bad that he was unable to see at all – hence why he was found sitting on the ground. Surprisingly he was in very good condition, with a beautiful grey soft coat, was a very placid animal to work with and weighed in at a healthy 9 kgs. The tucker in the trees at Barrington must be good. Xavier is a typical example of the “mountain koala” as they are not only bigger in the build but their fur is thicker and they have a rounder head.

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