25,000 FREE Koala Food Trees

25,000 FREE Koala Food Trees 

Register your interest now for FREE Koala food trees

25,000 Koala food trees will be donated to the Koala Hospital by  the Forestry Corporation of NSW in March, 2019.

Tree species include Swamp Mahogany, Tallowwood, Forest Red Gum, Grey Gum.

We invite you to register your interest by contacting the Koala Hospital. They will be ready for distribution and planting from 7th March through to May 2019.   Autumn is the best time to plant the trees so register with the Koala Hospital and we will contact you directly to organise distribution.


We need to know:

  • Your Name:
  • Contact number or email address
  • Location
  • Approximate number of trees you think you may be able to plant

You can:

Call the Koala Hospital – (02) 6584 1522

Visit the Hospital after 7th March to collect your trees

email at secretary@koalahospital.org.au

PM us on facebook 

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