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Bush Fire Rescues

To date we haven’t been able to get into the dense koala habitat area where we are expecting koalas to have perished.
The fire was still burning in that area on the weekend. Hopefully tomorrow the Search and Rescue team will get in.
We are hopeful for the koalas we’ve rescued to date – a boy and girl on Saturday, another boy and girl Sunday and a mum and joey today.
Paul and Anwen rescued Saturday were re hydrated and then on Sunday treated for burnt paws. Today we treated Peter and Eslie. They are all doing well although with their big coloured paws (from the dressings), they look a bit bewildered. We’ll change the dressings in three days and see how the wounds are going.

All money received from the public will be used to purchase water stations which will be placed in burnt bushland for koalas and other wildlife.
Hopefully this will help them get through a difficult time and stay hydrated.

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This is a photo of Paul, the first koala rescued, and the treatment team.