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Koala Hospital names two fire-affected koalas after Anwen and Elsie Pullen

An act of kindness has been reciprocated amid the efforts to care for koalas injured in a bushfire.

Eight-year-old Anwen Pullen baked brownies at home and took them to the volunteers at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

The koala hospital, in return, named two of the rescued koalas from the Crestwood-Lake Cathie bushfire after Anwen and her sister Elsie.

The Port Macquarie sisters are students at the Nature School Primary.

Koala Conservation Australia president Sue Ashton said the team thought the brownies were such a lovely gesture so they named the first rescued female koala from the fire ground after Anwen.

They then named another koala after Anwen’s sister Elsie.

Lake Innes Nature Reserve Anwen and Lake Innes Nature Reserve Elsie are among the fire-affected koalas in care at the koala hospital.

Mrs Ashton said the team was grateful for the brownies at a busy time and the gesture lifted their spirits enormously.

Search and rescue teams continue to survey the burnt-out bush for injured koalas and other wildlife, while the rescued koalas are in care at the koala hospital.

Anwen, Elsie and their dad Geoffrey delivered the brownies to the koala hospital team on Saturday, November 2.

“I feel like they are very busy with the koalas and they probably have a lot of pressure on them because of all the habitat and trees that have been burnt down,” Anwen said about the koala hospital team.

Anwen said it was just so nice to have one of the rescued koalas named after her.

“I believe in you,” she said about the koala hospital team.

Elsie, six, said she felt happy to have a koala named after her.

Meanwhile, the Nature School Primary raised money for the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and FAWNA during a mufti day on Tuesday, November 5.

The school’s students also focused on practical measures and fundraising activities to assist after the bushfire.