Koala Rehabilitation Manual - July 2019

Koala Rehabilitation Manual - July 2019

Koala Rehabilitation Manual - 6th Edition

This 186 page manual covers all aspects of wild koala rehabilitation. Understanding social structure/behaviour through to capture and handling.

Ageing of the koala, zoonoses, data collection through to housing of koala patients. The major reasons for admission to care are covered such as Chlamydiosis, Motor Vehicle injuries and dog attacks, plus a number of other issues such as various cancers, gut issues, cataracts and other problems that koalas can suffer from. Bushfire burns and care of orphaned joeys is also discussed at length. Retrovirus, crytocococcus, medications and koala genetics are also covered.

This manual is suitable for veterinarians, vet nurses, researchers, zookeepers and of course wildlife carers. It is $60 including postage within Australia. To order your copy please send an email to eshop@koalahospital.org.au

Greatest threats to Koalas
How you can get involved ‘hands on’