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The 60hp tractor was certainly the correct buy. I have slashed over 20 hours with some heavy work involved.  Thanks to everybody supporting the decision to purchase this size tractor.

  1. All planting lines have been slashed north south. The grass in between the trees provides reduced evaporation and with some protection from kangaroos and insects.
  2. Our portable fuel tank (with pump) can be lifted into the leaf truck and transported to town to be filled and relocated around the plantation in convenient and safe locations.
  3. Graeme Sayer has been very generous enough to keep the tractor in his shed when not in use.
  4. The DA for the dam material has been submitted and should be approved within two weeks. Again Graeme Sayer helped us with the submission and the GPS work.
  5. We have purchased the trailer from Graeme after using it for a year watering the trees.
  6. We are still about 6 weeks away from any planting.
  7. A minor infestation of small green jewel beetles is occurring in about 1% of the plants. These are the same beetles that infest the melaleuca farms.
  8. The current rain events have provided the trees with enough moisture across the next 3 weeks.
  9. We have lost (had stolen!) all our beautiful wild flowers both outside and just inside the gate.
  10. The good news is the eucs. look strong, healthy and beautiful.

Graham Hargreaves [email protected]