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Exciting Plantation News

Exciting news! The Maria River Plantation is nearing its first harvesting in mid September.

This will consist of a gradual rollout of leaf coming from the pollarding process as the trees reach approximately 3 metres. The pollarding process is to control the overall height of the tree so they can be reached easily by the leaf collectors. As the pollarded trees begin to produce new shoots from the cut area they will be the major source of the leaf cut that will take another two years before the secondary and main harvests begins from each tree.

Different eucalyptus species will possibly produce different results. Only time will tell. In the mean time large scale planting will begin in late September pushing the plantation to its maximum density by the autumn of 2019.
At present, as most of eastern Australia is in a grip of a drought and so is the plantation.

Within 2 weeks unless we have rain, watering will begin on a mass scale.

The weed situation is improving with PMHC funding the weeding programme undertaken by Bernard Whitehead for the last three years. All lantana has gone, now tobacco bush and a variety of smaller weeds are under full scale attack.

Next year we will take up the funding responsibility for weeding.

Thanks must go to my two great and dedicated volunteers in 2017 and 2018 Larry Pascoe and David English.

The latest news is the shed is up! Thanks to Daniel and Beth from Mid Coast Garages for a sterling design and quality construction job they have done. The tractor, slasher and ride on are now undercover. The shed looks good with its light grey and white tones. It has plenty of space for storage with 3 closed in bays and a half sheeted bay. It is located next to the dam.

On the conservation front there has been sightings of quolls, gliders, osprey, sea eagles, echidnas, lots of kangaroos and a pacific Baza. Keep up to date on instagram koalahospital_euc_plantation