Volunteer Application Form

The Koala Hospital is a wonderful place to work and an ideal place to meet new people and learn new skills. Although we have a force of some 150 volunteers already, we are always glad to hear from people who wish to join the team at the Koala Hospital. Some of the roles are more appealing to volunteers, especially those working directly with the koalas, but we do have a variety of opportunities available. If we don’t have a vacancy in your preferred area of work on the days when you are available, we can keep you name on our waiting list in readiness for the next opportunity. We also have an emergency list, where we can train volunteers ready to step in at short notice if we need help.

All volunteers are required to have a current Tetanus immunisation and volunteers aged 18+ years of age are also required to have a NSW Working with Children Check completed.

Junior volunteers from 14 to 16 years of age must be placed by their school as Work Experience Volunteers.

The main areas where volunteers work are:

Koala Care (Yard Work)

A very rewarding experience, but volunteers should be aware that they are not allowed to touch/handle koalas.

AM SHIFT - 8am to approx. 10.30am

Cleaning the individual yards; carrying, cutting and recycling leaf; feeding formula to koalas; taking in and putting out washing; clearing the public walkways etc.

PM SHIFT - 2.30pm to approx. 4.45pm

Refreshing the leaf in individual yards; feeding formula to koalas; taking in and putting out washing; sweeping and mopping floors; helping the kiosk team to take in the merchandise and clothing displays at the end of the shift.

Souvenir Shop
AM SHIFT - 8am to 12.30pm and PM SHIFT - 12.15pm to approx. 4.45pm

We see the shop as being the face of the Hospital, as our volunteers welcome and engage with visitors to the Hospital; encourage sales and handle money; balance the float and takings at the end of each shift; keep the shop tidy and well stocked; answer the phone and take details of potential rescues and sightings as well as to provide information and answer visitor queries.


We always need tour guides for the daily 3pm walk and talk as well as other booked tours for travel groups, schools etc, when required. We also need presenters to go to external venues and schools to talk about the work of the Hospital and koalas.

An important role in bringing koala information and their plight to everyone’s attention.


Repairs and maintenance of the Koala Hospital buildings, yards and fences. This is usually done on Wednesday mornings, but other mornings may be considered. So, if you have carpentry, electrical skills etc we’d like to hear from you.

Telephone After Hours

Having the 24-hour advertised rescue telephone number diverted to your home after business hours to receive rescue calls. You would then contact the rostered rescuers to relay the relevant information for them to attend the rescue.

After Hours Koala Rescuers

After training, you and a buddy, would be rostered on an evening/night shift to go out and rescue koalas when needed. Don’t worry it doesn’t happen on very shift…. And you don’t have to stay awake overnight in case the phone rings…


We have a large plantation on the north shore, and we do need volunteers to water, prune and tend the young eucalypt trees as well as to plant trees - an absolute necessity to keep hungry koalas fed.


We sometimes need volunteers to help with administration work, which may include working with the Adoptions database and packages, collating information for reports etc.

If you would like to become a volunteer at the Koala Hospital please complete and submit this application form. If you have a resume, please attach a copy to the application form as well.

If you are accepted as a volunteer at the Koala Hospital you will be required to be a financial member ($24 annually), however, you do not need to join as a member until your first volunteer shift with us, as becoming a member beforehand does not guarantee that you will be accepted as a volunteer.

Application Form

Work history
What days and times are you available to volunteer?
How would you like to help?
Emergency contact
Declaration - tick each checkbox to acknowledge your acceptance of each point
Greatest threats to Koalas
How you can get involved ‘hands on’