The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Website is now accepting e-adoptions and donations. Adoption packages will be available soon. We wish to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

Please ensure you check your spam folder for e-adoption certificates before contacting the Koala Hospital about missing orders.

A note from Sara from Portugal

Hi! I am Sara from Portugal, and i am a huge fan of all wild life, and i don’t miss one bbc wild life show. I am also a greenpeace activist for 10 years now! I just saw the wild life program about your hospital, and i have to congratulate you on the amazing work you guys are doing there! I fell in love with you’re project and if i could i would move to Australia just to be able to volunteer there! I have a soft spot for Koalas … I am struggling in Money terms right now…so i can´t be of much help for you guys right now, but i am spreading the message where ever i can , to see if people will donate something for the koala cause.
If I can do something for you , just say so ok? Keep up the good work and thank you so much for helping the koalas!!!!


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