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Monday 10 Nov, the Koala Hospital ‘released’ six orphan joeys’ into a site south of Port Macquarie.

To get to the site required transporting the koalas by boat. Luckily Rudyard, a friend of Val’s, a ‘man with a boat’, was just the person for the job!
He navigated between sandbars, and got us and our ‘cargo’ to ‘the site’ at just on high tide!
After a trek of about 15minutes, each of the six joeys was released into a different tree, within sight of one another! All went like clockwork! Half hour later we were on our way back to civilisation!

After many hundreds of hours of ‘homecare’ and Koala Hospital care, by volunteers, the joeys’ are finally – HOME!

They are out there now, having a party on Forest Red Gums and Tallow-woods etc!
A great spot to be a koala!!

boat tripfinal joeys 6_