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A Volunteer retires after 10 years

Ted Slater

Ted and his wife Carol moved to the Port Macquarie area from Avalon in Sydney (sadly, Ted is still a Manly Sea Eagles supporter). Soon after, he rang the Koala Hospital to see if he could help out in some way and while speaking to Cheyne Flanagan confessed that he was a carpenter. Cheyne eagerly told him to get up to the hospital the next Wednesday and she would introduce him to Maintenance Team Leader Brian Westoby. So began a very rewarding 10 year association for both Ted and the hospital.

In the early days, when dollars were scarce and helpers were few, those on the team often brought their own tools to get the job done.  Ted is also very skilful at painting, welding, plumbing and has a good sense of assessing what and who was needed to complete a project. Some of the bigger projects were Cheyne’s office, store rooms in the day room and adjacent to the leaf shed, caging pens in yard 10, paving from the day room to the staff toilet and outside the Education Room, construction of the plant nursery and the new Post Mortem Room.  There have been numerous day to day jobs that were resolved thanks to Ted’s skills. In addition, Ted is a very personable fellow who kept everyone in a good mood and amused with his various stories.

A huge bonus that came with Ted were the delightful goodies that his wife Carol provided for the team’s morning teas. She did this voluntarily for about nine years and is possibly the main reason the Maintenance Team will miss Ted.

Many, many thanks Ted and Carol – enjoy lots of golf.