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Where’s Barry?

Where’s Barry?

Barry is one naughty koala who likes to travel the world. The last time Barry was seen he was at the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie NSW Australia his bags were packed and he said "See you Mate!!!"

The Koala Hospital would like your help in finding this absentee Koala, who has a wander lust. If you would like to help us keep track of what Barry the Koala is up to.

Shop on-line or see our souvenir kiosk staff to purchase Barry – What you then do is to email or mail us a photograph of Barry showing where his adventures have taken him….GOOD LUCK

Each March, June, September & December the Koala Hospital Sponsors will reward the person who can find Barry in the most unusual place in OZ, in the World or in the most interesting situation with friends.
How far away is he? How close is he? Who did he meet? Why did he go there? How did he get there? Has he met a friend? Who is he helping?
Email your photo to: barry@koalahospital.org.au

or Post to:
The Koala Hospital,
P.O. Box 236,
Port Macquarie 2444
NSW, Australia